11:29am 07-22-2009
This site is propably breaking some laws - Incitement to racial hatred or something -- I will check it out.
3:52pm 07-21-2009
The Clintonian
I firmly believe that man kind has matured enough so that this kind of propaganda will have no effect on young people anymore.

My trusty pair of worn out jeans remind me of my active days in the peace movement and the anti-war demonstrations I used to organize at the campus.
3:38pm 07-21-2009
Always easier to hate and fear it is ... respect and understanding ... a narrow path ... follow the narrow path you must.
6:02pm 07-20-2009
Democratic Jedi
Missguided fools I would say ... young fanatics... what's so great about that??
5:56pm 07-20-2009
Bible Basher
Thou shall not kill.
4:39pm 07-17-2009
Sexism and rasicm in a neat package - but eventually nazis will be crushed.
10:19am 07-17-2009
Democratic Jedi
What is this ... some new form of Fascism?
8:08am 07-17-2009
Le Journal
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