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7:39pm 09-04-2014
national-bolshevik resistance (czechoslovakia):
6:25pm 01-27-2011
Fascism is sexy, and very homoerotic indeed! Let's just forget about genocide, and all will be well.
4:58pm 11-17-2010
Oh, I get it, and I do not like it - fagots!
1:50pm 11-17-2010
Dear Ragnar,

It's OK if you don't get it.
6:54pm 11-16-2010
Some of the images used come across as a bit pro-fagot, which I, and many White men, will definitely find repulsive.

The images of the girly-men are a bad choice to promote White male strength, and I simply cannot understand why the person responsible for using these images does not understand this. Maybe they do! What is gong on here?
12:20am 11-16-2010
Jonothon Boulter

11:08pm 09-26-2009
Nice site. I have long believed in the synthesis of European Nationalism with style, fashion, and glamour.

If this site is guilty of anything, it is guilty of incitement to love--the European race.

I look forward to the day when I will attend the show trials and executions of Marxist politicians and Muslim leaders wearing my pin-striped Henry Poole suit, Lobb St. James brogues, and Gieve & Hawkes shirt.

I must be careful, though, not to get any blood on my clothing.
10:57pm 08-15-2009
michelle obama
In your opinion we're racist. You're just saying that because we're white. Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white.
3:56pm 08-13-2009
John de Nugent
10:27am 07-24-2009
There are only individuals - races and nations do not really excist. The collectivist rubbish in this site is a threat to our freedom.
3:23pm 07-22-2009
All you leftist bitches - if you can't handle the truth then just get the fuck off this site.
3:17pm 07-22-2009
Yoda, my little green friend... die you must! Muhah hahhaaa
3:13pm 07-22-2009
This site is awesome !!!!! KEEP UP THE FIGHT !!!! WHITE PRIDE WORLD WIDE :)
11:29am 07-22-2009
This site is propably breaking some laws - Incitement to racial hatred or something -- I will check it out.
3:52pm 07-21-2009
The Clintonian
I firmly believe that man kind has matured enough so that this kind of propaganda will have no effect on young people anymore.

My trusty pair of worn out jeans remind me of my active days in the peace movement and the anti-war demonstrations I used to organize at the campus.
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